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Comic, videographer, creator and JCOM alum Dave Ackerman: Hacking Life

As comic, videographer, and fashion designer, Dave Ackerman finds ideas are his best resource

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Lofty dreams

Justin Hall is a classicist. He double minored in Greek and Latin. His master’s thesis explored intellectualism in ancient Greek drama. He’d created for himself “a niche in the ancient world.”
But at the moment, he is pointing to a machine gun with a barrel as wide as a soccer ball

Kindling a desire to learn

“Everything is self-evident.”
That statement’s author, philosopher René Descartes, has obviously never struggled through a college philosophy class. Or tried to read Nietzsche.

Tina’s walk of life

Tina Haskin does not know if each step into the dark space before her will be helpful — or hurtful.

One for all

Avery Edenfield was on the board of directors for a small neighborhood grocery cooperative when a co-worker’s offhand remark hit her with one of those lightning bolts of life.