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Summer 2013 Liberalis Cover Featuring the Article "A Place For History"
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A Place for History

The Mountain was made by Mulungu, by God. All of us, even those who can walk only with a stick, or have to be carried, found the Mountain here. It was made before our ancestors were born when all the land here was created.

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Honor and Responsibility

If you only had 100 years to change the world, why wait another day? That’s how Briana Bowen has approached her life since being diagnosed with thyroid cancer her freshman year at Utah State. She was lucky.

Using Her Voice

Taylor Halversen stood in the spotlight at the Chase Fine Arts Center and paced across the stage, touting the power of student potential. She was one of eight speakers and performers at the university’s TEDx Conference in November 2012 and the only student presenter.

Rethinking Higher Education

The class began with a warning of psychic dismemberment. Anthropology professor Bonnie Glass-Coffin’s experimental course on shamanism required students to push their personal boundaries. They would practice meditation, build their own spiritual mesas, and show vulnerability. The idea rattled some professors...