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Freedom to think, discover, and create. Summer 2018

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Feature Articles

Untangling the world

Aggies GO student analysts offer tools for making sense of crazy world events

On the Hill

USU interns keep gears at Utah Legislature moving

Meet Alison Berg

CHaSS Legacy Award winner is changing the world one news story at a time

A student of the game

He’s both a pro-soccer referee and Spanish lit professor. The same skills apply.

Regular Features

Bookshelf - Paul Crumbley and Emily Dickinson

English prof edits two journals on Dickinson, the anti-celebrity and environmentalist

Branching Out - Court Date

Utah Supreme Court’s visit to Logan campus allows USU Tooele lecturer to see his daughter, the newest justice, at work

Inquiring Minds - Love it, leave it

That old sliver of purple glass? It’s an artifact, too. Molly Cannon delves into life as an archeologist.

More Stories

Viral Vision

Viral-video creator Travis Chambers, JCOM grad, named in Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ young innovators

It's a Feature Not a Bug

Generations of students in Ray B. West come to terms with boxelder bugs, maybe even grow to love them and the building

A Path to Understanding USU Best-known Poet

A walk in her shoes: May Swenson Poetry Path maps Swenson sites in Logan and beyond

From the Mouth Of Babes

Those skeptical about children’s influence in the past need only read today’s headlines, says historian

Research's CHampion

English prof Joyce Kinkead earns USU’s top award for her scholarship and advocacy of student inquiry