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One of many popular memes created recently dubbed "the distracted boyfirend" is used to show USU's and UofU's jealousy of BYU getting coke products on campus.

Battle of the Memes

CHaSS folklorists and fans look forward each December to the year’s most feted event: The announcement of the Digital Trend of the Year.

Sponsored by USU’s Digital Folklore Project, the contest is decided by ballots sent to folklore experts throughout the country.

This year, we’re asking you, our CHaSS community, to add your vote for the memes you feel are the year’s most noteworthy and newsworthy.

The Internet memes that pop up as prolifically as weeds are a large part of 21st-century folklore

The creepy clown phenomenon was the 2016 Digital Theme of the Year. At the time, Jeannie Thomas, who with Lynne McNeill directs the DFP, predicted we’d be seeing these white-face demons again. And, sure enough, Pennywise (the titular “It”), continues to pop up in unexpected places.

The candidates for the 2017 Digital Theme of the Year fall into two categories:

Social justice memes:

‘How It Ought to Be’ meme

Serious fun memes:

Starter Pack
Distracted Boyfriend
Expanding Brain
Millennials and Avocado Toast

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