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Freedom to think, discover, and create. Fall 2017

Digital Magazine

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Feature Articles

Partnered with a proffessor. Better Prepared for life.

Faculty-Student Mentorship Grants end first year as a success. Stories about 2 of the many mentor-student partnerships forged in summer grant program.

Taking Note

Comm Studies grad parlays notebooks into brick-and-mortar schools. It all started as a wish. Which became a realization. Then the idea itself took hold.

Classics - a classic itself

For a language created centuries ago, Latin remains a dominant force.

A Woman in the ranks

As a sixth-grader in Charleston, S.C., Albertson did a report on the national news coverage of the Vietnam War. Her conclusion was that American media had done something of a disservice to U.S. soldiers...

Regular Features

Bookshelf - How did World War I change us

A century later, book responds to still-unanswered questions about gender.

Branching Out - The Eagle then and now the students' voice

Susan Polster, editor and mentor for 40 years of fledgling college journalists

Inquiring Minds - Who teaches the language teachers? I do.

Maria Luisa Spicer-Escalante is a professor in spanish and linguistics. She is the 2016-2017 recipient of the Fulbright Scholar Program’s Garcia Robles Scholarship

More Stories

Science of humans

It rests right in the name of our college: Humanities and Social Sciences.

Shively & Willa Cather

English professor has role in nurturing American novelist’s continuing legacy


The topic: Dude ranches. The place: The picturesque slopes of the Tetons.

Research Abroad

Stories about different research abroad programs at CHaSS.

Folk Life

CHaSS folklorists and fans look forward each December to the year’s most feted event: The announcement of the Digital Trend of the Year.