November 30, 2022

Student Spotlight: Muzamil Hamoda (Zee)

IELI Student and Varsity Basketball Player Gains Coaching Experience

African American student playing basketball with youth

Muzamil Hamoda, or Zee as his teammates and professors call him, put both his English and his basketball skills to good use this summer at the Ryan Odom Basketball Camps.

The camps, led by USU coaching staff and varsity players took place during the first three weeks of June and provided approximately 400 kids the opportunity to learn basketball basics and new skills from college players.

Zee, who is from Bahrain, was one of those players. Currently a level-4 IELI student, Zee entered the program at level-2 last fall and played varsity basketball for USU during the 2021-22 academic year.

In addition to taking two IELI courses this summer, Zee gained valuable experience learning how to coach young basketball players. He found two aspects of the job particularly challenging. “It’s hard to control the children because they do whatever they want to,” Zee admitted.

The other challenge, according to Zee, was in always making sure the children understood what they were supposed to be doing so they’d always keep getting better.

While basketball is clearly his first love, Zee credits IELI classes for helping him better connect with the people around him and in the camp more specifically.

Recognizing that IELI is not just about acquiring linguistic skills, Zee noted in an opinion piece in his Writing 4 class this semester, "I think IELI classes are really helpful since you learn a lot of information that you didn’t know in your home language. It improves my English in many areas."


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