International Teaching Assistant Training

The Intensive English Language Institute cooperates with the School of Graduate Studies in training international teaching assistants
(ITA). This training is conducted just prior to each fall semester and again during fall semester.

During training, ITAs learn to

  • Present content material in an instructional sequence.
  • Use audiovisuals to enhance student understanding and lessen communication problems.
  • Use classroom language that creates a cooperative atmosphere in the class.
  • Handle student questions and requests in a way that enhances learning and communicates availability.
  • Organize classroom presentations to maximize interaction between the teacher and students.
  • Integrate knowledge of American cultural elements into an effective understanding of an student-centered classroom.

Instructional Resources for ITAs

Teaching Sample by Yen-Heng Lin

Potential challenges for ITAs

Insights from experience

Advice for new ITAs

Faculty advice for new ITA's

Faculty on challenges for ITA's