Social Media




The Social Media Institutional Certificate provides students with the skills to succeed in effective social media content creation, analytics, and management. Students will be able to form compelling social media messages, understand and disseminate those messages to a broader audience, and measure the effectiveness of such messages through social media analytics. 

Career Application

With over 4.9 billion social media users worldwise, and a forecast of this numbers reaching 5.9 billion by 2024 (Statista, 2023), students with the ability to successfully demonstrate skills in social media will be highly valued in the workforce. Careers in social media can be found in a large variety of fields, including business, entertainment, politics, health, education, and more. 

Learning Objectives and Skills

  • Learn how to create content for social media
  • Understand and synthesize social media analystics to improve reach
  • Effectively manage a social media pages on several different types of platforms


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Scholarships & Financial Aid

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