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It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.

Steve Jobs (former CEO of Apple)


The International Studies program at USU provides a pathway for students to become global citizens through studying problems facing the world. Students will develop language and intercultural skills as they broaden their perspectives to include global problems and circumstances. This program requires students to gain proficiency in one or more foreign languages and focus their study in one of four areas: World Economy and Development, Peace and Security, Global Environment and Natural Resources, or Peoples and Nations.

Career Application

Your degree will provide you with a unique blend of problem solving, analytical ability, writing skills, and knowledge of other cultures and languages that are sought after in the job market. Graduates of this program will leave with the necessary skills to gain employment on an international scale, including jobs such as public affairs coordinators, diplomats or foreign services officials.

Language Clubs

Learning languages is easier and more fun when you can practice outside of the classroom. Utah State University has many clubs dedicated to specific languages where you can develop your language skills. Whatever language you decide to study has a club at USU to join.

Political Clubs

Students can join the USU branches of the College Democrats of America or College Republicans of America. These clubs share the goal of working on college campuses to volunteer in local, state, and national campaigns, hold informational meetings and host club socials to discuss information on policy issues, candidates running for office and local issues on campus.

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  • Utah State University offers many options for financial aid, including university level scholarships and aid available to specific colleges and majors.