International Studies Internships

Faculty Advisor

Colin Flint

Colin Flint

Distinguished Professor

Phone: 435-797-5962
Office Location: MAIN 320B

International studies students must undertake experiences within international settings as part of their study. An internship may count as international experience if it is undertaken in a foreign country, or it is undertaken in the US and involves a significant level of international engagement. International studies students have completed internships for international experience at the State Department, Pacific Command, and at Cache Valley nonprofit Candle of Light - Vela de Luz.

Financial Assistance

The Department of Political Science offers an Undergraduate Academic Opportunity Award to political science, international studies, and law & constitutional studies majors. This award can be used for internships, conferences, or study abroad. The deadlines for this award are November 29, 2021 for Spring semester and March 15, 2022 for Summer/Fall 2022.



There are several paid, online services available to help you find opportunities that will fulfill your internship requirements. A quick search of the internet can find a host of such companies. These organizations are not affiliated with or endorsed by USU but are listed here as a resource as you explore to see what is available to you.