Interfaith Initiative

Interfaith Student Association Meetings
The Interfaith Student Association will meet this year every other Thursday evening (beginning on Sept 14) at 7:00 pm. Most meetings have interfaith activities/events (see the interfaith calendar for details). Generally, meetings are held on the 3rd floor of the TSC on the east end of the building (behind the glass doors). For information about where to find us on specific weeks, please come by the Interfaith Center in TSC 310 or check the interfaith calendar, below.

For additional events, please check our Interfaith calendar.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Campus

At Utah State we strive to lift-up diversity, human dignity, and social responsibility. The Interfaith Initiative embodies this commitment by building capacity for appreciatively engaging religious difference in service to a common good.

Special Event: 3rd Annual Ramadan Community Iftar Supper

Aggies Finding Peace
How does your orientation around religion help you find peace in troubled times?
To find out how Aggies are coping with the COVID-19 crisis, check out the Interfaith Youtube channel, visit @aggiesfindingpeace on Instagram, or see the Aggies Finding Peace Facebook community for inspiring stories from your fellow Aggies.