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Giving to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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'... Changed my identity as a person and as a thinker'

Did you have the same experience when you were a  college student. Here's one of our professors on supporting programs that bring students and mentors together:

“The classroom is a great opportunity to learn and connect with professors, but there’s something different when you’re working one-on-one. When I was an undergraduate student, the opportunity I had to work with one professor changed my identity as a person and as a thinker. I started to see myself differently. I felt differently about my learning. I felt differently in terms of the responsibility I had over projects. Mentoring is a way to transform a student into a learner and an independent scholar, which is what we strive for every day.”
— Matthew Sanders, Associate Professor, Communications Studies

Join our current and former USU mentors in improving student education by donating to an area you are passionate about in honor of a mentor that changed you.

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