Faculty Resources

Forms and Templates

Below are the forms and templates most commonly requested by faculty members in the college. Updates to course-related and faculty forms occur through the Office of the Vice President and Provost. Visit the below links for the most recent versions and policies.

Academic Course-Related Forms

Includes general education course approval requests and incomplete grade forms to undergraduate teaching fellow forms.

Faculty Forms

Forms for post-tenure review, sabbatical requests, promotion and tenure, innovation fund application, etc.

Faculty Information

Resources about the Faculty Code, Faculty Senate, professional and student conduct, promotion and tenure, family, diversity and research.

Sample Role Statements

Please visit the Provost's Office webpage for the most current sample role statements.

Sample Offers Letters

Please visit the Provost's Office webpage for the most current sample offer letters.

Promotion and Tenure Resources

Tenure is a common university practice that ensures the academic freedom of faculty members, enabling them to pursue new areas of research and discovery. Tenure allows USU to compete with other academic institutions for distinguished scholars to teach and mentor students. Faculty members who receive tenure must undergo a rigorous review process where their contributions to teaching, research, and service is reviewed by senior faculty members at USU and across their disciplines.  

At USU, tenure is offered to candidates who meet the national criteria outlined by their respective disciplines and also satisfy USU tenure requirements. Faculty should familiarize themselves with these guidelines to remain as competitive as possible. They should visit the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost for a detailed listing of promotion and tenure dates, procedures, and policies. 

Friday, Dec. 15: Deadline for Promotion and/or Tenure Recommendations to CHaSS Dean's Office

Decisions to promote faculty members and award tenure are among the most important made by the university, for they determine the quality of faculty for decades to come. Consistent with peer institutions, the internal promotion and tenure process at Utah State University involves several levels of review by a wide range of university colleagues before a final decision is made by the Board of Trustees. Five internal levels of review are completed and while the reviews are completed independently, they are interconnected in that the recommendation of each level is added to the materials reviewed by subsequent levels. 
Website: https://www.usu.edu/provost/promotion-and-tenure/index