Leadership & Communication

Learn how programs in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS) can lead to careers in the areas of Leadership and Communications. Meet virtually with advisors and faculty as we answer questions about majors in Communication Studies, Languages,Literature, Creative Writing, Professional and Technical Writing, Public Relations, and Social Media.

Related Majors and Emphasis


Creative Writing

Read, write, and workshop original poetry, fiction, and nonfiction with your fellow students as you gain practical skills to launch your creative writing career.

General English

The General English option offers Statewide Campus students a broad range of courses across all areas of the English department.


Learn the value of storytelling as you practice the writing, speaking, research, teamwork, and critical-thinking skills that prepare you for a career that matters.

Print Journalism

Build stories that help people understand their communities and the world around them. Learn to enlighten, entertain and dig for details.

Print Journalism (Online)

You can earn your print journalism degree completely online and learn to ethically and effectively tell stories while taking care of family, working, or traveling the world.

Public Relations

Develop skills to manage public perception of organizations, gain professional experience and prepare for careers in image building and media relations.

Social Media

This program lays a foundation of theory and ethics to help build competent and creative social media professionals.

Arabic Studies - Minor

Expand your understanding of the Arabic culture as you develop knowledge of the Arabic language, regions, the people that surround it and it's connection to Islam.

Linguistics - Minor

With courses ranging from language’s role in religion to second language acquisition, students will gain an appreciation of language and the societies they come from.

Philosophy - Major, Minor

Master skills of critical thinking and clear writing while learning how to understand different perspectives. Develop effective communication skills, solve problems, and dive into the human condition.