Voices of USU

Voices of USU: An Anthology of Student Essays

Each year, the Voices of USU program invites English 2010 students to submit the essays they write in their English 2010 classes for publication. The essays that are selected are published in the annual edition of Voices of USU: An Anthology of Student Writing, a textbook used in many English 2010 courses.

How to Get Published

Write an amazing essay(s) in English 2010. The Voices program publishes writers who discuss creative, innovative, unique, and relevant ideas in a variety of genres aimed toward specific audiences. We look for original perspective and insight, presented from a unique angle with a strong personal connection.

Submit an essay(s) completed in English 2010 by the end of the semester. If you would like to contribute your voice to this anthology, submit one (or more) of the essays you produce in English 2010.

Dates and Deadlines: Fall 2021

Submissions are open until December 17, 2021


Cover of the Voices of USU 14th Anthology

Voices of USU: An Anthology of Student Writing, vol. 14