Sample Publications

Homo Faber Juvenalis: A multidisciplinary survey of children as tool makers/users (2017)

Ethos- New Studies of Children's Work (2016)

Ethnographic Perspectives on Culture Acquisition (2016)

Teaching: Natural or Cultural? (2016)

Playing with Knives (2016)

Babies Aren't Persons (2015)

Cultural Views of Life Phases (2015)

Children as a Reserve Labor Force (2015)

The Chore Curriculum (2012)

"First You Must Master Pain": The Nature and Purpose of Apprenticeship (2012)

Getting Noticed: Middle Childhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective (2011)

Learning 'From Nobody' (2010)

Children's Learning in New Settings (2010)

Mother Child Play (2007)

Emergent Literacy (1994)

Information Processing (1989)

Pen or a Bushknife (1986)

Cultural Complexity(1983)

Making Twos (1981)

Becoming A Blacksmith (1980)

Social Organization of Learning (1975)