Criminal Justice

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By studying diverse topics, from criminology and criminal procedure to forensic science and ethics, individuals pursuing a criminal justice degree develop a versatile skill set that is invaluable in careers ranging from law enforcement and legal advocacy to policy-making and rehabilitation. This degree provides a gateway to a dynamic field where graduates can make a profound impact on society by ensuring justice and safeguarding the rights of all individuals, ultimately contributing to a safer world.

Career Application

The bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice familiarizes students with the criminal justice system as they study topics such as criminology, criminal law, forensic science, and ethics. Students will gain an understanding of best practices within the criminal justice system, as well as the theoretical underpinnings supporting those practicesThe bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice requires a total of 120 credit hours. In addition to being earnable through in-person and video broadcast instruction, this degree can also be earned completely through online instruction.

Learn from experienced practitioners in the Criminal Justice system

Gain both practical field experience and academic understanding

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