Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship



This certificate provides students with the opportunity to explore nonprofit and philanthropic work in order to gain foundational understanding of those systems and processes. With many interdisciplinary courses, a variety of majors and colleges throughout USU are able to participate. From foundational courses on social entrepreneurship to courses within social work, technical communication, and business, students will be able to find a way to fit this certification into their regular study.

Career Application

By developing their skills in a variety of different areas of study and gaining the certificate of proficiency, graduates may pursue careers within fundraising, nonprofit organization, grant writing, or community outreach.

Alumni Advice

Jason Nelson

Tune in to watch Jason Nelson (BS JCOM Public Relations & Corporate Communication) discussing interviewing skills.

The Value of an Inclusive Education

Listen in as several alumni of color reflect on their time at USU and discuss its impact on their careers. Learn from their professional experiences to consider how multicultural education affects students at USU.

Young Alums Panel

Young alums give advice and information about career options post-graduation at our Alumni Lunch Series.

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