XV. Nuptiae (Marriage)

  1. Nuptiae (Marriage). A virgo may marry a senator or imperator but not a rex
    1. Juno oversees all nuptiae, as follows:
      1. The potential bride and groom must be in the same region and call Juno to them for her blessing on the nuptiae;
      2. If Juno approves, she will formalize the nuptiae by taking the woman's palla pietatis (white shawl) and dos card (dowry, II.F) and giving the groom the face value of the dos in Denarii;
      3. Vesta gives the new bride two virus cards.

  2. The Nature of Nuptiae
    1. Married couples do not share property in common but may at any time exchange the properties they own, except suffragia which matronae may not ever have in their possession;
    2. Matronae may not engage in proelia even if they are in possession of their husband's legiones
      1. matrona may, however, call upon Juno to aid her husband during the final concursatio of a proelium by doubling the number of the roll on her husband's die;
    3. Matronae may beseech Juno to break up any amicitia (XI)
      1. If Juno decides to break up an amicitia, all properties except suffragia remain in the custody of the player who happens to have them at the moment.

  3. Divortium (Divorce). If a husband and/or wife wish to dissolve their marriage, one or both may ask Juno for a divortium (divorce)
    1. Juno may decide to grant or forbid the divortium;
    2. If Juno grants the divortium, the husband must return the full value of the dos to Juno who then gives those properties to his wife, now free to remarry or become an amazon (XII.C)
      1. Juno may be paid in any properties according to their value (except suffragia);
      2. All the husband's remaining properties stay with him, except those which he has transferred to his wife and she is holding at the time of the divortium; a matrona being divorced does not have to return any of her husband's properties which happen to be in her custody at the time of the divortium;
      3. If the value of the husband's total properties (except suffragia) fall short of the face value of the dos, Juno may kill him; in that case, his wife gets only what properties her ex-husband (not his amici) has at the time of divorce.