XII. Virgines, Matronae et Amazones (Vestal Virgins, Married Women and Amazons)

  1. Virgines (Vestal Virgins). All mortal women players begin the Game as Vestal Virgins and wear the pella pietatis (white shawl). If they choose, they may remain in this state until the end of the Game.
    1. Vestal Virgins work with Vesta in overseeing wills and inheritance of transferrable properties (XIV.B); they do not participate in proelia, voting or any other such activity;
    2. Vestal Virgins have priority of seating in Rome or any provincia and may displace other mortal players at any time when motus is allowed; 
    3. A Vestal Virgin may save a player facing imminent death but to do so must marry that player;
    4. If Vesta determines that a Vestal Virgin has engaged in inappropriate behavior, she may kill that Vestal Virgin with the approval of the Fates;
    5. virgo may remove proscriptio from one player during the course of the Game by removing the signum proscriptionis from him/her (VIII.C.2) and wearing it herself; if the virgo marries or becomes and amazon, the proscriptio is removed and rendered void.
  2. Matronae (Married Women).
    1. If a Vestal Virgin decides to marry, she must follow the rules for nuptiae (XV)
      1. Upon divorce or the death of her husband, a matrona may remarry;
    2. Virus (Poison). Twice during her marriage, a matrona may send a virus (a playing card in the suit of spades) to the region in which her husband is at that moment residing. Virus works as follows.
      1. The matrona calls the Fates, gives them one of her two virus cards and tells them in which region to serve the virus;
      2. The Fates mix this card into a group of safe cards (clubs), one card for each mortal in the region;
      3. Each mortal then chooses one card; the one who picks the virus card, dies.
      4. If the person who picks the virus card is a virgo, the matrona who sent the card dies instead.
  3. Amazones (Amazons).
    1. Amazones are matronae who are widows or divorced (XV.C) and have chosen to follow the rules for imperatores (VII);
    2. virgo may become an amazon without having been married, but if she does, the forfeits her dos (II.F);
    3. Once she has become amazon, a female player may not revert to the status of virgo or matrona.