V. Seasons

The Game begins in the aestas (summer) of 44 BCE, i.e. the months following the assassination of Julius Caesar; Apollo/Diana will announce changes of seasons and make all decisions about how long a season or motus period lasts; if there is a dispute between them, Apollo’s will prevails during an aestas (and the preceding motus) and Diana’s during a hiems(and the preceding motus)

  1. Ideally, each season lasts five minute and each motus period one minute; see Appendix 1 for a suggested timetable.
  2. Aestas (Summer Season): Proelia (Battles, VII).
  3. Hiems (Winter Season): Senatus Consultum (Rome) and Tributum (provincia/regnum), simultaneously
    1. Senatus Consultum (Senate, VIII): in Rome;
    2. Tributum (Taxes, IX)L in provinciae/regna (except Germania).
  4. Feriae (Intermission): If the numina agree, they may designate the year 37 as feriae ("holidays") during which there will be no activity in the Game.
  5. If the game is running long, Apollo/Diana in consultation with Juppiter may call for an mutatio kalendarum ("a change of calendar") and remove an entire year or several years from the calendar in order to accelerate the Game towards the Battle of Actium (XVII).