IX.Tributum (Tribute)

  1. Once during each hiems, any player wintering in a provincia/regnum may collect tributum from any numen who is in residence and has Denarii; the numen may not refuse tributum to any mortals inhabiting the region
    1. Every numen inhabiting any provincia/regnum must pay the full tributum to each player in residence;
    2. If the numen or numina do not have enough Denarii to pay everyone in the region, it is up to the numen to decide which player to pay;
    3. Imagines may reduce the amount of all payments of tributum any player is collecting (XIV.D.2.b); in the case of partial tributumimagines have priority over mortal players;
    4. Collection of tributum ceases, even if it is unfinished, when Apollo/Diana call an end to a hiems.

  2. Provinciae/regna yield variable levels of tributum, as follows:
    Sicily, Egypt 300,000 D
    Asia Minor, North Italy, Parthia 200,000 D
    Greece, Gaul, Spain, Syria, South Italy, Mauretania 100,000 D
    Germania, Rome None
  3. Instauratio Tributi (Repetition of Tribute). The Fates may issue an edict compelling the repetition of tribute collection. This may be repeated twice in any hiems