IV. Geography

The map below shows the number of inhabitants a region can hold, including all types of mortal players and numina. A “+1” designation means that one seat is reserved for the rex of that region. Lines indicate adjacent regions between which overland travel is permitted. There are three types of regions: provinciae (provinces), regna (kingdoms) and Rome.


  1. Sedes (Seating). Each region supports a limited number of players inhabiting it at one time. The following are the population limits:

    1. Provinciae
      Gaul and Asia Minor Five (5) inhabitants
      Spain, N. Italy, and Syria Four (4) inhabitants
      Greece, Sicily, and S. Italy Three (3) inhabitants
    2. Regna
      Egypt Four (4) inhabitants, plus Cleopatra/Ptolemy (5 total)
      Spain, N. Italy, and Syria Three (3) inhabitants, Plus Pacorus (4 total)
      Greece, Sicily, and S. Italy Two (2) inhabitants, plus Ariovistus/Bogud (3 total)
    3. Rome. Because it lies at the heart of the civilized world, Rome may support as many as twelve (12) mortal players. Venus and Mars may inhabit Rome without taking a seat.

  2. Gemini (Additional Players). There should be roughly fifteen to twenty more seats than the number of mortal players. Therefore, if roles are added to the Game by doubling senatores, seating should be adjusted accordingly.