II. Properties

  1. Legiones (Legions). Legiones are used in combat; one die represents one legio
    1. Legio curialis (senatorial legion), represented by a white die, may be owned only by imperatores/amazones
      1. Legiones curiales are assigned to certain players at the beginning of the Game or may be purchased from those numina who sell legiones (XIII.C), or may be transferred to an imperator by a vote of the Senate;
      2. Cost = 500,000 Denarii;
      3. Reges may not possess a legio curialis; if a rex captures a legio curialis in battle, s/he must pay a foreign numen 500,000 Denarii to convert it to a legio clientarum or forfeit it to the deity overseeing the battle (VII.D.4);
      4. If a foreign numina come into possession of legiones curiales, they may keep or sell them but cannot use them in battle;
    2. Legio clientarum (client legion), represented by a red die, may be owned by imperatores and reges
      1. Legiones clientarum are assigned to reges at the beginning of the Game or are purchased by an imperator or rex from a foreign numen (XIII.C);
      2. Cost = 1,000,000 Denarii;
    3. Legio ultrix (vengeance legion), represented by a special die, may be owned only by imagines (black die) and Mars/Phobos/Deimos (large die)
      1. Legiones ultrices are acquired by imagines upon death from Pluto/Persephone (XIV.C);
    4. No individual mortal player may own or control more than a total of ten legiones of either type (curiales/clientarum) at one time
      1. Any numen who apprehends a player in possession of more than ten legiones must confiscate all legiones over ten.

  2. Classes (Fleets). Classes are used in transporting legiones and delegates across the sea and are represented by blue cards
    1. During an aestas or motusclasses allow a player to move directly between any regions except Germania and Parthia;
    2. One classis can transport only one legio (along with any number of players) at a time;
    3. Cost = 2,000,000 Denarii;
    4. Classes may be transferred to other players at any time (XII.V) or willed to a heres (heir) upon death (XIV.B) and normally do not have to be returned upon request (XI.A.3; XI.B.1) 

  3. Denarri (Money). Denarii are used to purchase legiones and classes (XIII.C-D)
    1. Denarri come in three denominations: 100,000 D, 500,000 D and 1,000,000 D;
    2. Denarri may be transferred to other players at any time (XI.A.3) and normally do not have to be returned upon request (XI.B.1.c)

  4. Suffragia (Votes/Voting). Suffragia are used in voting during a senatus consultum (VIII)
    1. Suffragia are unalienable but can be temporarily transferred to amici (XI.A.3) but must be immediately returned to their original owner upon request (XI.B.1);
    2. Suffragia may be transferred permanently only upon death to a heres (XIV.B).

  5. Navas Longae (Warships). Navas longae are used only at the Battle of Actium (XVII) and are represented by a blue die.

  6. Dos (Dowry). dos is used to formalize nuptiae (XV) and is represented by an orange card
    1. The face value of a dos varies according to individual virgines (III.C);
    2. Juno is the only numen who may be in possession of a dos.

  7. Rexpressus Platinum Card. The Rexpressus card is used in fuga (VI.F.1) by reges (except Cleopatra/Ptolemy who do not receive a Rexpressus card).

  8. Ring of Gyges (Invisibility). The Gift of Death (Pluto/Persephone) allows a mortal player to attack three of any opponent's legiones once during a hiems (VII.H).

  9. Virus (Poison). matrona may twice during her marriage serve a poison card (a spade) to those inhabiting the province where her husband is at that moment situated (XII.B.2).