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Members and Affiliates

Anti-Oppression Committee members include CHaSS faculty, staff, and students. Faculty and staff members serve three-year terms.
Students or faculty who are interested in serving on the Anti-Oppression Committee should contact one of the current members listed below. 

Current Members

Jess Lucero, Chair, Sociology/Social Work faculty (2018 – present), member (2016-present)

Jeannie Sur, History, staff (2017-present)

Mollie Murphy, Communication Studies, faculty (2017-present)

Keri Holt, English, faculty (2018-present)

Yesola Kweon, Political Science, faculty (2020-present)

John Gamber, English, faculty (2020-present)

Nathan Straight, English, faculty (2020-present)

Department Liaison: Derrik Tollefson, Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology, dept. head (2018- present)

Student representative: Kayleen Lam, Sociology and Social work major, Criminal Justice minor (2020-present)

Past committee members

Chris Gonzalez (2018-2020)
Christy Glass, chair (2016-2018)
Tammy Proctor (2016-2018)
Kristina Scharp (2016-2018)

Affiliated Groups

Center for Intersectional Gender Studies and Research

Latinx Cultural Center

USU Inclusion Center