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Alumni Lunch Series

Introducing Alumni Lunches: Digital Takeout Edition

Alumni Lunches: Digital Take-Out, See where your CHaSS degree can take you.

The Digital Take-out Edition is a collaboration between the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Utah State University’s Career Services.

We at CHaSS have always tried to prepare our students for the future with a strong education ⁠— but also with practical career advice as well. As our world grapples with the  pandemic, we want to make sure our students still receive all the benefits of being a part of the CHaSS community.

CHaSS has made a tradition of the Alumni Lunch series, in which we host lunches during the academic year. We're now  including digital events that will allow CHaSS alumni to share professional advice and answer students' questions via WebEx meetings.

Though we can't provide an actual lunch, we hope you will be eager to feast on the career insights on the menu. Be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

May 28 | 11:00 am


Ted Twinting
Director of Sales and Marketing

About the Alumni Lunch Series

The series allows students to meet and eat with CHaSS alumni who have humanities degree and finessed that degree into a successful and purposeful career. We make every effort to include a diversity of majors.

Join us for all the luncheons, which all offer knowledge and life hacks.

Besides, you can enjoy a free lunch on us. We look forward to seeing (and feeding) all CHaSS students who are pondering their futures, as well as interested faculty and staff.

Past Events

We record all of our live events and you can access them on our YouTube channel. Follow the playlist and subscribe to get notifications when new alumni lunch videos are added.

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Listen in as our alumni return to chat with their faculty mentors about the challenges they faced after graduation and how they overcame them.

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Calling all CHaSS alumni

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Our alumni are scattered around the globe and in the professional world. If you have skills and advice you feel you could share today's students, please connect with us by filling out our Alumni Connect form.

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