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Alumni Lunch Series

About the Alumni Lunch Series

The series allows students to meet and eat with CHaSS alumni who have humanities degree and finessed that degree into a profitable and purposeful career. We make every effort to include a diversity of majors.

Join us for all the luncheons, which all offer knowledge and life hacks.

Besides, you can enjoy a free lunch on us. We look forward to seeing (and feeding) all CHaSS students who are pondering their futures, as well as faculty and staff who are interested.

Seating may be limited.To RSVP, contact Andrea DeHaan: 435-797-0366, or register through Handshake.

CHaSS Trail Heads

CHaSS Trailheads - Helping CHaSS Aggies choosing a path for their future.

A podcast featuring alumni in careers out in the field, talking with their college professors about their career path after graduation.

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Catch up with this year's speakers through live-streamed videos:

Tamara Martinez-Anderson, Feb. 25

Director of Adivising, Reno School of Medicine
USU degree: BA American Studies

Reflect on what you have learned and what you want to accomplish.

Lexie and Lindsay Kite, Feb. 19

Creators of Beauty Redefined
USU degree: Journalism, Communications

Find time to follow your passion. Care about what you do.

Tobijah Tyler, Jan. 14

Freelance Film Maker
USU degree: BA Liberal Arts 2009

Put yourself in a position of opportunity.

Sheree Haggan, Nov. 18

Diversity Specialist, Google
USU degree: BS Communication Studies 2014

Creating and maintaining a network for your dream career.

Panel: Healthcare professionals, Nov. 14

Marion Bishop: Emergency medicine physician
USU degree: English '87

Kathleen Pitcher: Director of Operations, Cambia Health Foundation. 
USU degrees: BS, MS in History '98

Carrie Brown: Intermountain Healthcare, Marketing and Communications Manager
USU degree: Journalism '00

Ted Twinting, Nov. 12

Director, Sales and Marketing
USU degree: BA French, BA History 2009

How to make a path to a career.

Panel: Events Specialists

Staci Dame - Event Specialist at Leavitt Partners
USU degree: Communication Studies , 2008

Joey McKnight - Events, One World
USU degree: Journalism , 2013

Annalisa Blackham, Oct. 2

Philippines Peace Corps Volunteer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
USU degree: Social Work, 2010

Doing social work in the Peace Corps

Spencer Lee, Sept. 27

Immigration attorney
USU degree: History and Religious Studies, 2012

Current state of immigration laws and restrictions

Stacie Stewart, Sept. 23

Dean of admissions for Brigham Young University
USU degree: English, 1996

Best practices for applying successfully to law school

Selma Mlikota, Sept. 13

O.C. Tanner Foundation, manager of Employee Experience
USU degree: Liberal Arts, 2015

Human resources, corporate social-responsibility initiatives, such as diversity and inclusion, as well as community-based philanthropy