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CHaSS spring 2019 Alumni Lunch Series (open to all students)

Where can your CHaSS degree take you?

The possibilities are endless. For proof, just check out this semester's Alumni Lunch Series, where we'll hear from CHaSS alumni themselves how they've used their humanities degrees professionally.
At the same time, enjoy a free lunch on us. We look forward to seeing (and

feeding) all CHaSS students who are pondering their futures, as well as faculty and staff who are interested.
Seating is limited. To RSVP, contact Andrea DeHaan: 435-797-0366, or register through Handshake.

Thursday, Apr. 4

Benjamin Kolendar
11:30 a.m.
Champ Hall Conference Room, Old Main

Ben Kolendar

Deputy Director for Salt Lake City's Department of Economic Development
Philosophy, 2010

Ben Kolendar's career has taken him around the world to promote development. Prior to his position with Salt Lake City, he served as senior adviser to the Executive Director of SelectUSA, the government-wide initiative to attract and retain foreign business investment in the United States. As a presidentially appointed official, Benjamin provided guidance to the Executive Director to create jobs, spur economic growth, and promote American competitiveness.

He also served as an official in the U.S. Department of Defense, was dedicated to the development of Afghanistan’s economy. Benjamin’s projects focused on stabilizing the war-torn country through economic development initiatives in the cashmere sector. He spent time on the ground in Afghanistan advising the Afghan government, local Afghan businesses, and the U.S. government on policies that would help generate economic growth in the sector. Benjamin’s work was instrumental to the sector’s more than double growth from 2012 – 2015, and was recognized from both the Afghanistan and U.S. Governments for his contributions to the sector.

Ben has an MBA with an emphasis in globalization and international trade from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s in Philosophy from Utah State University.

Friday, Apr. 12

Dion-Jay Brookter
12:30 p.m.
Taggart Student Center / West Colony room

D.J. Brookter

Deputy Director for Young Community Developers and a member of the San Francisco Police Commission
Communication Studies, 2006

Dion-Jay (DJ) Brookter was born and raised in Fresno, California. A student athlete, DJ graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication (now Communication Studies) with an emphasis in Business.

He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration. While working for major corporations such as World Savings and Icon Health & Fitness, DJ volunteered to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina and realized his passion for service. Since then DJ has worked at Fresno Career Development Institute before becoming the Director of Operations at Young Community Developers (YCD). He now serves as deputy director.

DJ also holds community roles with Our Knowledgeable Young Men and the Eastern Neighborhoods Democratic Club and was most recently appointed to the San Francisco Police Commission. Come hear DJ talk about his experiences working with underserved communities and at-risk youth.

Join us for lunch and discussion at 12:30PM. This event is free for all students, but seating is limited. Please register on Handshake or RSVP to