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Aggies GO! Welcome to Aggies Geopolitical Observatory

A toolkit of a few simple ideas to help you make sense of global politics

Welcome to Aggies Geopolitical Observatory, or Aggies GO. We live in a very complicated world, things are changing quickly, some events can seem very scary, and it can all be overwhelming. Aggies GO is here to help. We will use a toolkit of a few simple ideas to help you make sense of global politics. We want you to be able to understand and interpret current events. Each week we will post new ways to think about global politics you are reading about in the newspapers and websites, or seeing on the TV. While we won’t describe the event in detail (we are guessing that you are already following the news) we will try to help you make sense of the stories.

Who are we? The Aggies GO team is made up of USU undergraduate students under the supervision of Professor Colin Flint. The students are interested in different parts of the world and different types of politics. A fuller discussion of all the ideas we use can be found in Professor Flint’s book, Introduction to Geopolitics (3rd edition. Routledge. 2017).

Aggies Geopolitical Observatory is a service of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Utah State University. We believe in the land grant mission of the university. We want to use the things we talk about on campus to help you make sense of global politics. 

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Aggies GO Articles

crowds protesting against the government

The Other Pandemic


Clara Thorson- The coup in Myanmar shows how autocracy is spreading throughout Southeast Asia.

Portion of the border fence between US and Mexico

Migration at the US-Mexico Border


Madeleine Alder - The flow of immigrants at the US-Mexico border reaches its highest point in 15 years, placing a growing pressure on the boundary region.

people being held back outside of a Chinese courthouse.

Hostage Diplomacy


Clara Thorson - China has been accused of taking Canadian citizens as political prisoners, demonstrating a shift in its geopolitical code.

People stand in the Madrid airport during the COVID-19 pandemic

Summer Vacation in the EU


Madeleine Alder - Within the functional region of the European Union, leaders deliberate about how to increase summer travel.

A doctor sits in the hallway of a hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hindsight is 2020


Madeleine Alder - A year after COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic, the concept of scale is a helpful tool for understanding the past twelve months.

British royal family

More Than Just a Family Feud


Clara Thorson - Recent accusations of racism among the British Royal Family reveal an antiquated imperialist system built on racial hierarchy, a fact that may disrupt feelings of nationalism.