Explore something new

Meeting new people and being exposed to new ideas is an important part of the collegiate experience. Students who are involved in extracurricular activities like university clubs, sports, creative productions and internships report being more satisfied with their university experiences. And it’s not surprising. These outlets provide additional arenas for learning and networking. Moreover, they serve as a place where likeminded people can come together. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has 21 clubs for students to join and explore something new.

  • Alpha Kappa Delta - sociology honors society
  • Anthropology Club
  • Chinese Club
  • Debate Team
  • French Club
  • German Club
  • Japan Club
  • Lamda Pi Eta - communication honor society
  • Middle East Club
  • NASW of Utah State
  • Phi Alpha Honor Society - social work honor society
  • Phi Alpha Theta  - history honors society
  • Phi Sigma Iota - international language honor society
  • Philosophy Club
  • Pi Sigma Alpha - political science honors society
  • Ploutarchos - USU’s chapter of the International Plutarch Society
  • Sigma Delta Pi - Hispanic honor society
  • Sigma Tau Delta - English honor society
  • Portuguese Club
  • Spanish Club
  • USU Religious Studies Club