Our Role

The purpose of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advising Center is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. Specifically, our office provides the following services:

  • academic advisement for the majors in the college
  • all general education and university graduation requirement advising to the students in the college
  • resource referral, group advising, problem identification and resolution, and general advising for students in the college
  • Coordinate SOAR and other Orientation programs for the college
  • Liaise with CHaSS academic departments to provide on-site advising, training for peer advisors, and training for departmental advisors
  • Liaise with Career Services to provide career information to students in the college
  • Represent the Dean by evaluating general education and university regulations; review of transfer credit for general education applicability; approval of graduation requirements and graduation-related forms; coordination of the graduation program and ceremony; coordination of the college publications (major sheets, catalog copy, etc.); contact with CHaSS students based on standing, particularly those who are in academic difficulty; letters to students on behalf of the dean to recognize achievement.

Preparing for Graduation

All College of Humanities and Social Sciences graduation matters are processed through the Advising Center. Students should begin the graduation process at least one month prior to the graduation application deadline, and the application should be turned into the Advising Center at least two weeks prior to the deadline in order to avoid a late fee.

A final review of University Studies (or other General Education programs) and other University graduation requirements will be made and the final approval signature added before the application is returned to the student for payment of the graduation fee. If the student wishes to amend the application to substitute or drop courses that are listed on it, a Supplement Form must be submitted through the Advising Center.

The Area Studies Certificates are awarded at the time of graduation. Application for the certificate should be made through the Advising Center.

Contacting Your Advisor

The Advising Center office is located in the Taggart Student Center 302. Appointments can be made by calling 797-3883.

Advising Center Staff:

Director: Mary Leavitt

Assoc. Director:Irene McInerney Advisor: Susan Parkinson Advisor: Dan Matthews Advisor: Marcia Roberts Advisor: Reid Furniss Advisor: Amanda Slade Graduation Coordinator: Scott Robinette

For additional information, visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences advising center