Dean's Welcome

Dean Joseph P. Ward

In today’s world, problems will not be solved by any one discipline. Issues such as disease, poverty, and terrorism do not respect borders or state lines. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences prepares students to address the complex challenges that lie ahead by thinking critically, thinking creatively, and thinking big.

We try to cultivate in ourselves and in our students the freedom to explore ideas, cultures, and new ways of problem-solving. We seek to be people who affirm the dignity and honor of all human beings. Our faculty members are scholar-teachers who conduct path-breaking research and inspire students to push the limits of discovery. Our students are game-changers who participate in hands-on service learning activities throughout Utah. And our alumni are using the skills they developed at CHaSS to make a difference around the world.

The college is the second-largest and most diverse school in the Utah State University system. Students can major in 18 undergraduate and 9 graduate specialties. Although individual disciplines offer specialized training and expertise, all liberal arts students graduate with applicable skills such as the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, to think analytically, and question ideas with respect.

The school houses a myriad of laboratories and centers for students and faculty to interact through engagement in creative scholarship including Utah Public Radio, the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies, the Museum of Anthropology, the Population Research Lab, and the Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization Lab, among others.

I am proud to work with our students and faculty. Their stories are our legacy. I hope you will be proud to join our growing cadre of liberal arts graduates who have graced the halls of Old Main.


Joe Ward