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Grant support

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences encourages the research and creative efforts of its faculty. All faculty members whose role statements include research are encouraged to seek external funding to help support their efforts. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies and the CHaSS Dean’s Office offer several services to assist faculty in finding funding, and preparing and submitting external proposals:

Locating External Funding Sources

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies provides links to external funding agencies and grant finding resources such as InfoEd. For access to funding search engines and specific funding agencies go to

Proposal Writing Institute

This proposal development workshop is offered to faculty every spring through the Office of Proposal Development (OPD) in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. This workshop teaches faculty how to prepare an external grant proposal by facilitating the preparation of an actual proposal. Applicants should have a research project identified for which they are ready to seek external funding and be able to identify a specific program at an external funding agency from which funding will be sought. Applications are due to the college by January 31, 2014. The college ranks proposals and submits the top three to the OPD to meet their mid-February deadline. The top-ranked candidate from each college is automatically accepted into the workshop; other applicants compete for a limited number of remaining spots. A stipend of $5000 is offered to participants based on successful completion of the workshop and submission of the external proposal. Applications for the workshop will be available at in early December, 2013.

Proposal Submission

The CHaSS Associate Dean of Research (Patricia Lambert) and Budget Officer (Sue McCormick) review all external proposals before they are signed by the Dean and submitted to the Sponsored Programs Office and can provide advice on preparing proposal budgets and internal paperwork for submission. Dawsey Robbins, the contract administrator for CHaSS in the Sponsored Programs Office, facilitates the submission and management of proposals and grants. She also can assist with budget preparation and the completion of internal paperwork (esp. the SPO-1 form). Contact her at

Keep in mind that all external grant proposals must go through the Dean’s Office and the Sponsored Programs Office. Plan far enough ahead that you can fill out the Sponsored Programs SP-01 form (, the F&A Allocation Agreement, and any other internal forms that need to be completed for your proposal (, and get them signed by your department head and the CHaSS dean before submitting your grant proposal. The proposal and SP-01 form then go to Sponsored Programs, where a contract administrator (Dawsey Robins in most cases) will submit the grant or work with you to submit it.

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education Pat Lambert can often address additional questions you may have. Reach her, (435)797-2603.